TICK Tricks

Part 1: Control By Crisis, Deception & Technology

A Change Of Times

Here we are at a crossroads. Humanity has come again to a time of major challenge.

There are currently significant issues in economics, finances, energy, water, the environment, government, "terrorism", war, our social organization, and Earth itself. It seems we have entered a key period of physical, emotional and spiritual crises. This interesting time also presents an opportunity for human growth in awareness and understanding.

Most people are missing the perception of what is happening; others try to ignore it.

The debt-based ongoing economic interference has been one sign of the challenging time we are encountering. Other indications are the acts of terrorism, some alleged by analysts to be faked, staged attacks by intentionally deranged shooters or falsely blamed patsies, various other fabricated disasters, and the pre-planned security state responses to these.

There are many more concerns being recognized by those who are awakening. For most people though, the "too much to do" cultural system keeps them preoccupied.

They are mesmerized by media and trained by circumstances and example to focus on their own issues, to assume things are normal, to accept the rationale of presumed authority and to believe that they have little control over seemingly remote forces. They pretty much ignore what is going on beyond their immediate concerns, while the game is being changed in ways that will shock them before long.

Nearly all of us have been victims of hypnosis, from the combination of the normalcy bias, routine experiences, the trauma-comfort cycle, media, entertainment, sports, advertising, etc.; and the mass public poisons, including fluoride, mercury, aluminum, barium, aspartame, GMOs, drugs, plastics, pesticides, etc.; and even more sophisticated mind control.

The mental-emotional environment generated by intentional manipulators and passed on by the controlled media, recognized leaders, star performers and athletes, parents, caretakers, teachers, bosses and peers, leaves almost everyone living in a collective hypnotism, a dream state.

It has been rare for anyone to be guided through a process of awakening to be cognizant of the manipulation of perception and knowledge conducted by hidden deceptive strategists and spinners in education, entertainment, advertising, news, politics, government, history, economics, science, health, personal relationships and religion.

Celebrities, athletes, politicians, "experts", dramas, international relations, and many news events, as well as the media that displays all this to us, are components of a "REALLY BIG SHOW" presented to us for purposes of distraction, distress and deception.

Those who are entrapped in the fabricated rat race feel they deserve to relax and unwind with entertainment, amusements and mood-altering substances. Is there any time for attention to what is really happening in the world and who is trying to run the whole show?

Still, one by one people are recognizing the compelled ignorance and researching to learn what is

There are choices and decisions that we will make individually and collectively in the next few months and years, which will impact human life for many years to come.

In this work my purpose is increased awareness and understanding, which may prompt us to transform ourselves and the challenging situation we face with caring intention.

I admit to being a thinker. I have been analyzing what is going on around us for over 50 years, beginning as a curious child. From studying history, economics, psychology, philosophy, religion and natural health, deep investigation of key issues and an unusual diversity of life experiences, a fuller perspective of this world and human interaction has developed.

I encourage you to have confidence that with conscious action and mutual support we can learn and grow through the coming serious challenges for which we must prepare to survive.


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