A History of Conspiracy and Manipulation by the

Tyrannical Technocratic Tricksters of the

Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom

Part 2

Corporatism, "Psyence" and False Reality


Jonathon Miller, M.A., M. Div.

holistic philosopher, human nature analyst, educator and author

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Controlled Society

The Transnational Interlocking Corporate Kingdom ("The TICK") has been gradually fashioned with the intent to move humanity into the "New World Order", a highly organized controlled society administered by a super corporatist state bureaucratic scientific technocracy.

The planning and implementation of this was developed slowly over multiple generations by elitist psychopaths employing their secret methods including the unique "psyence" utilizing mass doping and duping, fear and genocide.

Almost everything we assume or think we know may be inaccurate or completely wrong by the design of planners weaving a web of deception for centuries, much more intensely in the past century with rapidly advancing technology.

At the same time, over these many years we have been "dumbed down", and our health continues to be slowly undermined by nutritional deficiency and multiple small doses of public poisons.


The TICK Is Pervasive
Every aspect of life from food to medicine to finances to news to entertainment is subject to TICK influence or control.

Virtually all institutions of substantial size or importance in nearly every sector of human endeavor are corporations connected to the TICK. In addition to the giant for-profit corps, most substantial non-profits are also part of the TICK. The governments of many developed nations, including the United States, operate as corporations themselves.

Governments at every level in the United States are corporations. Each level has its own bureaucracy. The TICK has embedded itself into all these forms of government.

Through personal relationships of powerful people, interlocking boards, mergers, acquisitions, lobbying, contributions, promotions, treaties, laws, mutual projects, bureaucratic maneuvering and other venues of influence; this giant corporate network controls industries, economies, educational institutions, governments, intelligence agencies, militaries, technologies and populations.


Living In The TICK
Most people around the world are dependent on this complex bureaucratic network for their learning, their income, their supply of goods and services, and most of their information. 

With all the documentation and other connections, and the various digital devices and security systems in place, it is nearly impossible for individuals to fly under the corporate radar. "Big Brother" keeps rolling out ever more sophisticated ways to keep track of us, as well as to manipulate us.

Leading to the broad control they have today, the economy, finance, war, chemicals, technology, mind control methods and the media have been the main arenas for the TICK to guide events around the world in the direction the top controllers have intended.

They have mastered economic manipulation from the position of the international banking system, and favored the corporate structure throughout the business realm.

The TICK uses the financial tools of controlling currencies, creating massive amounts of debt, setting and collecting interest, infiltrating treasuries, levying taxes, funding projects, fashioning stock deals and mergers, manipulating stocks, commodities and other markets, introducing products, and influencing the prices of nearly all products and assets.

They use diverse weapons, including debt, financial hardship, chemical poisoning, pharmaceuticals, electromagnetic pollution, viruses and other biological agents, war and covert operations, to weaken and create distress, setting people up for manipulation.

Further, they have evolved the media as a pervasive propaganda tool, literally creating our lifestyle through hypnotic persuasion, false reality news and predictive programming.

We cannot stop the TICK takeover of the world without understanding it. Please read in this ebook the details of how the TICK has expanded its power, what has been done and what is intended for the future.

This is absolutely crucial information if you live on this planet!


You will understand The TICK and how it controls us much better after reading TICK Tricks, Part 2: "Psyence", Corporatism and Tyranny.



Anything mentioned in this work which seems unfamiliar or extreme can be researched through search engines.

(NOTE: Google, Yahoo and Bing/MSN, etc., track and record everything you do through their searches and emails. It is recommended that you not use these for searching or emails. Your information will be used to profile and manipulate you, and it is fully available to TICK snoopers. For searching, try http://StartPage.com, which gives you Google results but does not track you, or http://Ixquick.com for unbiased results.)

Some of what I discuss is considered controversial. With my diverse knowledge and unique array of experiences, and my ongoing research, I have been able to perceive the big picture. I believe that I have a thorough understanding of our real situation on this planet, and present a crucial analysis of what you need to know.  (More about Jon.)

I strongly recommend you also visit my website http://SurviveTheChanges.com for an urgent education about life-altering challenges we are facing and ways to prepare.

I am a societal analyst, a philosopher and a holistic educator. With a diverse background in social sciences: economics, philosophy, religion, psychology, education, business, natural health, spirituality and personal improvement, my intention is sharing insight into life transforming information.

I provide relaxing rest stops along the way as you read the shocking analysis of what is going on in the world behind the scenes. These provide an insight from "Sage Jon", my philosophical self. One understanding of the term "sage" can be expressed in an acronym: "Shared Awareness Growth Experience".

Please understand that my ultimate intention is to encourage attention on these key principles of life and growth in consciousness:

awareness of reality, healing beyond doubt, loving with forgiveness and gratitude, transforming fear into confident action for good, and spiritual attunement.

During the "Rest Stops" and at any other time, you are invited to take a moment to recognize the greater intelligent power or consciousness that manifests all reality, often referred to as the Creator or "God". In that context, the drama of the appearance we are encountering may be scene as an educational and transformative opportunity.

If you determine this work to be valuable, please engage yourself and refer your friends.


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Thank you for your attention and consideration, Jon


Rest Stop

A relaxing breath and fresh thought can make things better.

Loving is beautiful.

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Jonathon Miller, M.A., M. Div.

holistic philosopher, human nature analyst, educator and author

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